Capture Every Sale with 

No Inventory Hassles

Screen and Full Body protection for virtually every device

Increase Sales

Make Products On-Demand

Eliminate Overstock

Always be ahead of the competition with instant access to brand new products.

Cut Screen Protectors On-Demand

Never miss another sales opportunity due to stockout or unpopular SKUs. 

Improve your cash flow by paying only for what you sell, and never deal with overstock again.

Start Innovative Mall Kiosk Business with RapidCut!

Ultra-Thin, Full Body Protection for Every Device

Compare your sales to last week, month, or year. All of your data can be exported as a CSV, for programs like Excel or QuickBooks, for a deeper analysis.

RapidCut Machine Activity

Check which items are selling across all of your locations at any given point in time. Get instant insights on your sales or warranty claims, the number of items you sold, and the average sale amounts each day, all broken down by location.

Keep a pulse on things whenever you need it

Daily Invoices


Track your Real-Time Sales Data On The Go

Easily track your costs with daily invoices, generated automatically for each location at the end of every day. With automatic payment status updates, you can see which invoices are paid, and which are unpaid.

Materials Supply, Training, and Support!

Best protection films delivered to your store

We supply all materials that are guaranteed to work with RapidCut machine, which includes the original Clear-Coat film and a decorative line of vibrant textures and colors. You only pay for what you cut, and every cut comes with our lifetime guarantee. You never pay cut fees when you produce a replacement. We provide the training to get started and on-going support. So, come aboard!

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

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