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Clear-Coat is one of the fastest growing smartphone accessories mall kiosk businesses in the US and globally. Thanks to the RapidCut innovative system — this rate is only accelerating! No more inventory pre-made mobile protectors, which results in both missed sales and worthless overstock. Now, you can manufacture our best selling screen and full body 3D protection for virtually every device, on-demand, right at the kiosk! With quick installation, service environment and lifetime product guarantees — your customers will come back, asking for more, time and time again.

Global Opportunities Available

Now is the time to start your own location and be the first to sell this must have innovative product. Get in on the ground floor of this revolutionary, new on-demand system before the top locations are gone!

  • Premium Materials with Patented Tech
  • No Inventory = 2,000+ SKU's
  • New Models Added Every Week
  • Scalable System for More Locations
  • Low Startup Costs
  • On-Site Training and On-Going Support
  • Over 600% Markup
  • Warranty & Return Reimbursement
  • Exclusivity for Your Territory

Best selling scratch

protection for screens

Impact Protection

Textured and Colored Skins

Ultra-strong and razor thin 

back protection

How RapidCut affects your kiosk business:

Increased Sales

28% increase in year over year sales 

Decreased Costs

18% less cash spent on inventory per ever
dollar in revenue 

Higher Margins

5.89% increase in gross margin 

With RapidCut, we saw a huge decrease in the time it took to purchase and reconcile inventory. Between associates and upper management involvement — about 20 hours a week.

Raj Kumar, Altamonte Mall in Florida

RapidCut gave me the ability to grow my business from just two mall kiosks to six mall kiosks spanning three states. Now, instead of focusing on product management, I can focus on what matters — sales!

Peter Differ, Perimeter Mall in Atlanta

 More sales, at a higher level of profitability, 

 and better cash flow

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